“It’s not that Penney has been sitting idly by. On the contrary, CEO Marvin Ellison has been moving quickly to try to keep Penney on track with moves such as bringing back appliances last year after 33 years, expanding the number of Sephora beauty shops within a Penney store, and introducing new plus-size apparel lines,” Fortune

  1. Can Penney’s come up with a viable tweak in the age of e-commerce?
  2. Even their competitors declining aren’t making room for the iconic department store to thrive.
  3. How does market share play into all this?
  4. This seems to be an issue well beyond carrying certain names—whether it’s Nike or a house brand.
  5. What do investors want to see to trust this company again?
  6. Should they just concede to the Internet, and migrate completely to an online store?