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Pricing and Early Stage Marketing

By Dennis Ng December 22, 2014

After the initial sales growth, the new product suddenly finds itself facing a plateau in sales growth. So the natural question to ask is what are we doing wrong? Did we set a price too high? Should we lower our prices? Fortunately there are strategies for such situations.

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Pricing Banking Services

By Dennis Ng October 29, 2014

The banking services sector is one of the most profitable sectors out there. It is not uncommon to earn an ROE of anywhere between 40%-60%. And as we all know, a 1% increase in price can lead to an 8% increase in profits.

So how do we ensure we get the most profits out of banking services? Are there any secrets? I spent 28 years of my life in the banking services sector and here is what I learnt.


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Dennis Ng
Along with being a Manager at Wiglaf Pricing, Dennis is an Adjunct Lecturer in UniSIM and Republic Polytechnic. He teaches courses in Pricing Theory, Hospitality Revenue Management, Marketing, Strategic Thinking and CRM. Before joining Wiglaf, Dennis had a 25-year career in the banking and payments industry covering the Asia Pacific region. He has also recently consulted for a Silicon Valley start-up and a UK neural analytics company.