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The New Invisible Hand: Five Revolutions in the Digital Economy

Being Threatened by Bill Gates

By Kyle T. Westra August 16, 2019

The following is an excerpt from my new Amazon bestseller, The New Invisible Hand: Five Revolutions in the Digital Economy. This story…

Pricing analytics: scatterplot demonstrating a simple linear regression exercise

Machine Learning for the Masses: Regression Analysis

By Nathan L. Phipps June 17, 2019

Machine learning has become a very popular topic in recent years. However, I fear that most people hear “machine learning” and assume…


Retroactive Rebates: Decision Inexactitudes

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 30, 2019

Since rebates are accrued and paid to customers later, one could state that all rebates are “retroactive” in that they impact the effective pocket price captured after the invoice is issued, and generally are issued after the invoice is paid. But that is too broad of a definition of “retroactive rebates.”


Pricing Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 25, 2019

Entrepreneurs are generally entering a business landscape with less information, less skills, less resources than an established business. In fact, one should wonder how any entrepreneur can succeed against large, entrenched corporations they’re forced to share the market with.


Evolving Product Strategy in a Growing Industry

By Tim J. Smith, PhD January 30, 2019

Between the highest- and the lowest-priced products, other products will be positioned. A plethora of product positions in price and benefits should be considered the norm as an industry moves from introduction, through growth, and into maturity.


Decision to Grow Instead of Harvest May Be the Key to Microsoft’s Survival

By James T. Berger July 30, 2018

According to Foley: “Many People find it easier to see the benefits that come with cutting costs and looking for efficiencies and worry that what may come with growth could be elusive.”

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Future of Internet at Stake if FCC Abandons Net Neutrality

By James T. Berger December 22, 2017

By the time you read this article, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will have voted on a FCC proposal to revoke “net neutrality” and stop regulating Internet service providers (ISPs), like landline phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

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“Disruptive Innovation” Key to America’s Future

By James T. Berger November 16, 2017

The creation of the automobile was not a disruptive innovation but Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line was. The creation of the iPhone might be regarded as destructive innovation, but the advances in the technology are clearly sustaining innovation.

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Learning on the Clock: Should You Rethink Your Policy?

By Ky Kingsley September 14, 2017

In a recent study by Robert Half Finance & Accounting, only 26 percent of CFOs polled said their companies allow all employees to fulfill CPE requirements during business hours. Another 24 percent say it depends on the employee, and half said they rarely or never let any staff take classes while on the clock.

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The Apple iPhone Success Story: Planned Obsolescence, Disruptive Innovation or Something Else?

By James T. Berger August 24, 2017

Another argument against the planned obsolescence argument is that Apple is not so much trying to convert its existing users to the newer models, but that its innovation is superior to the competion and users of other products should switch to the iPhone.