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Strategic Movements July 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD July 15, 2022

      AT&T and Verizon Parallel Pricing AT&T Inc. raised prices on older wireless plans by up to $6 for individual lines and $12 for family plans while encouraging subscribers to substitute older plans for newer unlimited data plans.  Jeff McElfresh, COO of AT&T, stated: “We looked at a cohort of customers that were on the oldest rate plans that didn’t have access to 5G or some of the best features…

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By Yuhung S. Shen July 15, 2022

上個禮拜由於客戶需要,前往拜訪了一家世界前十大的LED燈應用的製造商,營業額大約是300million USD左右的規模,一般認為,這樣子的製造規模可能會具備高度模組化的定價系統,也就是我們一般認為的定價五個層級中的Level4-科學家層級的定價體系,具備高度的數據支持,以及深入了解不斷改變的客人對於價格的角度之定價系統,然而,當我們與公司的高層深談的時候,卻發現情況並非如此。

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Don’t Underestimate the Strategic Value of the Humble Volume Hurdle

By Nathan L. Phipps June 30, 2022

The volume hurdle is one of the fundamental tools that all pricing professionals are exposed to. At least, it is if they…

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‘Food Panda’- Uber Eats 在台灣的最大餐飲外送平台競爭對手 加徵了平台費用與Prospect Theory(展望理論) 的應用。

By Yuhung S. Shen June 30, 2022

在六月,台灣這個有2400萬人的地方的外送餐點愛好者都被Food Panda 六月即將收取平台外送費的消息給激怒了!

從商業經營者的角度,也許僅僅是增加了NTD3-5元,但由於Food Panda限制了店家在外送平台賣的比現場貴的空間,整體而言仍然是比最大競爭對手-市占率第二的Uber Eats 還要便宜的選項,可為什麼這次消費者會有如何多的抱怨呢,其實,問題未必是出在那3-5元而已,那麼Food Panda公司在定價上又可能犯了什麼樣的失誤呢,讓Wiglaf的亞洲區顧問Yuhung跟你一同從消費者心裡面來分析吧!

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In Pricing, No Person Is an Island

By Nathan L. Phipps May 26, 2022

Pricing professionals do not do their work in isolation. In fact, I would argue that pricing professionals CANNOT do their work in…

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