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Strategies for being effective in committees

Making Committees Work for You

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 18, 2021

How do you get things done in a committee? We join many committees for many reasons, but generally we join them for a purpose: to get things done. If it is a pre-existing standing committee, however, we rarely find we can accomplish our goals initially. Rather, we have to gain permission (buy-in) prior to driving our agenda. How do we do that? I can’t speak for everyone, because I am not an…

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The post-COVID economy is driving rapidly increasing demand, but companies are having trouble re-building workforces

Workers Are Hard to Find Right Now

By Nathan L. Phipps May 18, 2021

A mixture of increased vaccination rates, fiscal stimulus, and the relaxation of business restrictions is leading to increased spending throughout the U.S.…

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Commodity workplaces will find the current labor shortage even more challenging than businesses that can command premium talent

Is Your Workplace a Commodity?

By Kyle T. Westra May 18, 2021

Fire Fast—Then What? It is common advice for employers to react with decisiveness to a recession. Lay off those you need to…

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Brand managers need to beware political tribalism

Brand Managers Beware of Political Tribalism

By James T. Berger May 18, 2021

Brand tribalism has become so intense it can peril products that lean then “wrong” way, according to a survey done by Savings.com,…

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What Do Hiring Managers Look for When Hiring Pricing Professionals?

The Makings of a Pricing Professional

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 16, 2021

The Makings of a Pricing Professional What does it take to become a pricing professional?  What do hiring managers look for in…

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