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Gain Insight Using the Price Waterfall

By Nathan L. Phipps January 16, 2020

When executives direct their focus on pricing, they need analytical tools that enable them to quickly get a lay of the land…

Organizing for pricing excellence: the pricing organization

Organizing for Pricing Excellence

By Tim J. Smith, PhD September 12, 2019

What organizational factors make for pricing excellence in a company? Moorman and Day discussed the academic research on the development of excellence…


What Are You Doing? Log-Linear Regression

By Nathan L. Phipps July 17, 2019

For this month’s article, I offer an overview of a log-linear regression that I conducted for a client recently. While I find…

The profit revenue bridge for pricing analytics dashboards

Pricing Dashboard Design

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 17, 2019

Executive dashboards are valuable coordination tools. They help pricing teams communicate facts and identify areas deserving executive attention. This is demonstrably clear.…


Retroactive Rebates: Decision Inexactitudes

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 30, 2019

Since rebates are accrued and paid to customers later, one could state that all rebates are “retroactive” in that they impact the effective pocket price captured after the invoice is issued, and generally are issued after the invoice is paid. But that is too broad of a definition of “retroactive rebates.”


Do CPG Companies Really Have Control Over Pricing?

By Tim J. Smith, PhD February 27, 2019

What can a CPG control and what must be taken as a “given” from the market? Which price should a CPG use as its benchmark for comparing different channels and retailers? Which price points should a CPG attempt to manage?


Major Commercial Policy Design Issues

By Tim J. Smith, PhD October 30, 2018

In this missive, I examine how companies selling to end customers through distributors and retailers can design their commercial policy.


Are You Raising Prices Fast Enough?

By Tim J. Smith, PhD September 29, 2018

Learning from companies in other countries, we find common imperatives to undertake in response to price volatility. These imperatives are related to building the organizational ability to flexibly adjust prices in response to changing market environment.


Strategic Movements: June 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 28, 2018

With new competitors Norwegian Air Shuttle and JetBlue Airways entering the market, and the addition of smaller 200-seat planes, capacity on transatlantic flights has grown by more than 20% since 2013. That is comparable to a 4% capacity increase year for the past five years. Did demand increase at this rate as well?  Expect pricing pressure to increase as new entrants attempt to muscle their way in.


Pricing Transformation: Decision Making Required, Software Optional

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 24, 2018

What is not stated is “pricing transformation is a software implementation.” Pricing transformations do not require software. Changing routines, the way people work, and the goals of their effort may benefit from software and software may support the cultural change, but new software is not fundamentally required.