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Building High Quality Pricing Systems

By Pravin Vemuri October 18, 2017

These systems typically flow into order management systems and are sometimes built on top of them, or contained within them but often they are stand-alone and talk to the order management system through some standard interface (API). The industry term is CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), also called pricing or quoting engines.

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The Right Personality For The Right Negotiation

By Pravin Vemuri July 19, 2017

Negotiations are no different, although not as dramatic and not as much a matter of life or death. Not surprisingly, on occasion, they devolve into a hypercompetitive, personality-driven blood sport


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Pravin Vemuri is a Senior Pricing Manager at Cypress Semiconductor. He has managing pricing for the past nine years spanning its various facets – from strategy setting to process definition to creating systems that deliver efficient and effective business results.