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Discount the Parts or the Whole?

By Tianyang Zhang & Tim Smith September 9, 2013

When selling things that go together, should the company offer discounts on the individual parts or the whole shebang? Sourav Ray, Charles A. Wood, and Paul R. Messinger examined these questions across 650,000 daily price listings and through customer and manager surveys in a recent Journal of Marketing article. Their results have broad price-management implications.


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Tianyang is student in Master of Science in Finance Program in DePaul University. She is now working with Wiglaf Pricing as a Pricing Analyst Intern. Tim J. Smith, PhD is the Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing, and an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University of Marketing and Economics. His most recent book is Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts, & Establishing Price Structures.