Pricing and Sales: How to Begin Building a Better Relationship

Published October 18, 2017

Pricing and Sales: How to Begin Building a Better Relationship

A common complaint amongst pricing professionals is that our sales teams see us as the “no” people. I can’t tell you how many people I have talked to that point to this as one of their biggest challenges in the workplace. So how do you transition from the “no” person to the ally?

Relate to Your Audience

Demonstrate that your goals are aligned with those of the sales organization, after all you are on the same team! Understand what is really motivating them to sell then structure your insights around how to improve their metrics. Once you demonstrate that you are working for them and not against them, your sales team can see you as a valuable source of knowledge and will come to you for advice.

Present Digestible Information

Sales professionals are always on the go, often driving from one call to another. They don’t have time to sift through a long slide deck explaining sales data analytics. Summarize key findings in just a couple of slides, using only a few bullet points to convey the most vital facts.

Pick Up the Phone

How many times do we e-mail back and forth for hours about something that could have been discussed over a 10-minute phone call? Your sales team is likely spending a lot of time commuting so having a conversation over the phone is not only more convenient but also appreciated. Pick up the phone, say “hi,” ask them how their day is, form a relationship. We are more likely to want to work with people that we like and trust. If the sales team only knows you as an e-mail signature they are less likely to want to work with you!

About The Author

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Mary DeBoni is a Senior Pricing Analyst at Wiglaf Pricing. Before coming to Wiglaf Pricing, Mary spent her post-graduate-school years working as a data analyst and as an adjunct instructor of Economics and Statistics at Moraine Valley Community College and Richard J. Daley College. Mary is a member of the Professional Pricing Society. She holds a BA in Economics from Michigan State University and an MA in Economics from The University of Detroit Mercy.