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Strategic Movements: October 2019

By Tim J. Smith, PhD October 16, 2019

Market Share? Meh. Customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity? YES, Please! Managers care a lot about market share, but should they? Meta-research by…


Strategic Movements: July 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD July 30, 2018

It is past time for Corona to raise prices in response to trucking cost inflation, but will competitors follow? The cost hits everyone. Someone needs to lead and then all others should fast follow.


Strategic Movements: February 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD February 23, 2018

Margrethe Vestager, EU’s antitrust chief, hit Qualcomm with a EUR 977 million fine for anticompetitive practices. Crime: contracts with rebates paid to Apple for using Qualcomm chips exclusively and had a dominant position.