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Pricing Transformations Are Political Culture Changes. Manage with Care

By Tim J. Smith, PhD August 16, 2019

A major driver behind undertaking a pricing transformation effort is the acknowledgement that price negotiations both take too long and also lead…


Pricing Transformation: Decision Making Required, Software Optional

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 24, 2018

What is not stated is “pricing transformation is a software implementation.” Pricing transformations do not require software. Changing routines, the way people work, and the goals of their effort may benefit from software and software may support the cultural change, but new software is not fundamentally required.

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Changing of the Pricing Guards

By Mary DeBoni February 23, 2018

If you can successfully explain why implementing a value-based pricing strategy will be instrumental in moving your company towards their goals and targets, you should be in a pretty good position to get buy-ins.


A Bad Metric for Good Pricing

By Tim J. Smith, PhD December 24, 2017

In this article, we look at how I have often seen pricing improvements measured and why I have some serious reservations with this common metric. I do this in the hopes of generating responses on how you accurately measured the effectiveness of pricing at your company.