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Does Dynamic Pricing Hurt Customers?

By Kyle T. Westra March 18, 2020

If you’ve ever used a ride hailing app, chances are that at some point you’ve experienced a higher than expected fee. Surge…

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Checking Assumptions

By Kyle T. Westra December 22, 2017

Pricing is not only numbers, but strongly psychological and emotional. Certain norms emerge that dictate how products and services are sold in different industries. Customers come to expect those norms, whether or not they are necessarily the most economically efficient.

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Price Transparency VS Pricing Transparency

By Kyle T. Westra October 5, 2016

For Amazon Web Services (AWS), on the other hand, while your final price depends on your usage, the pricing is transparent down to the hour. While you may not know the amount due ahead of time, you know exactly how they will arrive at that number.