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CPG giant Kimberly-Clark drives growth during COVID with new product development and brand advertising

Strategic Movements March 2021

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 19, 2021

Price Check on Procter & Gamble Household Goods IRI data indicated a growth in sales of premium products from soap and household…


Strategic Movements: July 2019

By Tim J. Smith, PhD July 17, 2019

Household Insecticide Pricing Raid, a household insecticide by S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. with roughly 50% U.S. market share, sells for $4.27…


Strategic Movements – September 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD September 29, 2018

Procter & Gamble announced price increases for Pampers and Bounty in July 2018. Kimberly-Clark similarly announced price increases for Huggies and Viva in August 2018.  Both cite inflationary cost pressures specifically pulp. Monitoring competitive price moves is good business intelligence. Watch out for inflation 2018.