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Federal Court v. Apple on Tying Arrangements

By Tim J. Smith, PhD December 31, 2018

As of November 27, 2018, the Supreme Court is determining whether a group of consumers have standing to sue Apple Inc. over the way they manage iPhone apps (1). The probability of this suit being adjudicated by the Supreme Court is definitely non-zero.


Strategic Movements: July 2017

By Tim J. Smith, PhD July 19, 2017

What will Gillette do? As a starter, they cut prices by 12%. Good for consumers (and society overall), bad for investors. Competition’s role is to drive prices down and quality up. This is part of the reason private capitalism is better than state-controlled enterprise.

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Price Structure Improvements Drive UPS Earnings Up

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 10, 2015

In terms of market segmentation alignment, different customers receive different benefits (perceived or real) from the same or similar product. This drives variation in willingness to pay. One goal in improving a price structure is to improve the match between the willingness to pay and the price extracted. It is a form of price segmentation.