The Most Effective Small Business Growth Strategies In a Turbulent Marketing Environment

Published August 25, 2017

Running a competitive startup poses challenges for marketers no matter how unique and innovation the product or service is. Moreover, every marketer doesn’t follow common rules. The chosen surrounding and brand dictates rules, which business holders have to accept and follow in order to succeed. Growth strategy plan is the key to success. Constant development in the market can make promotional efforts difficult for marketers tasked with finding methods adapted to those rapid changes. Staying on the course involves constantly following current trends and tendencies, which are not always obvious.

Stay Mobile

Usage of mobile phones has completely changed its initial aim of voice connecting. Today every person has a mobile phone, which plays a role in direct interaction with the Internet. People don’t call it a mobile phone anymore. This is an essential necessity, which provides a broad range of opportunities starting with communication and ending with financial operations and banking. This means that it is a promotion platform for startups and growing business that cannot be ignored.

Having A Mobile App Is A Must

Not having a mobile application means losing a chance to attract and retain clients. Today it is easy to reach a potential client’s attention by means of their device. It is an element of all marketing growth strategies. People are checking the black mirrors during commutes, during presentations, while waiting in a queue, in cafes, at home—constantly. It is crucial today to give the audience a chance to get familiar with your specific product or service by means of a mobile app or adaptive website. Make it simple and attractive.

App and Adaptive Website

Each website should be compatible with most devices. A website needs to be fast, convenient and not require additional applications. Marketing competitor analysis may appear helpful in the sense of comparing how many of your rivals have a mobile application and in which formats. It is true that development of such product costs is pretty expensive, and for a start up it may appear impossible. However, there are platforms where a user can create an app himself and pay up to $100 per month only when it is published. Such platforms are reachable and easy to use.

Social Media

Social media advertising and promotion is another powerful instrument, and is a tactic present in all big and small business growth strategies. An official group in a social network it is a direct way to the attraction of potential clients’ attention. Post everything and everywhere. Today there are business startups, which exist only due to Instagram profile. In a turbulent market, this is a strong anchor, which helps to reach leading positions in a field. A company Facebook page is not only an information portal, but it also gives a business a more personable element, and the feeling there is a person giving fast feedback, current information, and commentaries from other clients, updated photos, and events.

Promo Actions In Social Media

People love to check their luck. By giving them a chance to do so, you automatically gain new auditory, and perhaps new clients. Run any promo action that comes to your mind starting with reports in social media and ending with a complex action like registering a personal account or subscribing to a newsletter. Make it easy to understand. People love what they can understand and share fast without reading pages of additional instructions. The promotional activity is a good idea for forcing people to download an application, which offers, for example, much cheaper prices or free delivery.

Email Marketing

This is not a new method of marketing, but a trusted way of promotion. Product competitive analysis will help you to realize the current situation on the market and develop a strong and competitive product or service. With a subscription field and social media following, it is easy to create a base and inform visitors once a week about actions, news or other interesting company facts. Make sure that emails are not going to spam. With modern labeling system, it is even more competitive to reach the audience via email, but everything is possible with a smart approach and a bit of research.


Make your content reach your audience. Not every person is ready to read long descriptions and blog posts. Satisfy the needs of visuals by creating photographic and video content in an appropriate environment. This is one of the most effective strategies. People love inspiration videos. An effective commercial should bring not only information but also an aesthetic pleasure, be an inspiration, entertainment, education or all in one. This will cause shares in social media and growth. YouTube and Vimeo profiles are powerful instruments for sharing visual promotional videos. Be creative, and let people have fun while watching your promo.

All In One

Every individual has their own unique needs, but common preferences within an audience do exist—and it is possible to satiate a broad spectrum of interests from a marketing standpoint. By means of mobile integration, we enlarge the audience, with the social network we reach new mobile integration, with a higher attraction we create a clients’ email database, where we share both reading and visual information. This is a combination of modern and well-known means of promotion. Promotion leads to success. Pay special attention to your strategy and become one of not many startups who successfully live for more than ten years.

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