Turtles have shells, but they only progress when they get their head out of their shell. Get your head out and move forward.

  1. Never let a crises go to waste. Invest in growth opportunities in bad times.
  2. Social Media describes the fusion of technology, telecommunications and social interaction with the sequencing of words, text, graphics, symbols, pictures, audio and video.
  3. If you’re going to be a serious entrepreneur, develop partners with a mindset of co-create a future that both parties will thrive, rather than managing relationships with a goal of maximizing your share. You’re going to need their long-term support.
  4. Business schools may teach us to use past experiences to predict future outcomes as a reliable means of creating positive ROI, yet break.throughs require new thought..
  5. To inspire the consumer, you must help him believe in something that he once thought was impossible.
  6. Bad economies are followed by recoveries. Investing in the future growth and get your head out of the shell?