To Western Politicians: We elected you to make decisions. Decisions require tradeoffs and compromise. Now do your job. U.S. and European countries alike need a realistic taxes and budgets. And none of this can wait until after elections.

  1. Hamlet Act 1, Scene 3:   “Neither a borrow nor a lender be.”
  2. Having a lot of “users” isn’t the same as having a lot of customers.  One of them takes; the other gives reciprocally.
  3. Cool Hand Luke:  “What we have here is (a) failure to communicate.”
  4. Compliments are not customers.  One feeds your ego.  The other feeds your belly.  I know which I prefer.
  5.  Sales and pricing professionals share a common goal: many profitable customers.  Work together people.
  6. Miller Heiman:  “Only those relationships whose value is recognized by both supplier and customer are truly sustainable”