“The brain is wider than the sky.” -Emily Dickinson

  1. Psychological pricing is effective. Even the most cautious brains take mental shortcuts to drive efficient decision-making.
  2. That said, the Internet allows a large number of careful consumers to compare notes, so be aware of customer scrutiny when you drastically change your pricing or bundling system.
  3. You can accumulate as much knowledge and brain-power as you’d like—at the end of the day, if your customers aren’t on board, your ship is sailing toward oblivion.
  4. Psychological tactics are a part of your arsenal, but aren’t your bread-and-butter pricing moves.
  5. Communication with customers happens in a number of ways, and large rebranding/price change decisions should be thoroughly vetted through your profit base (your best customers).
  6. Your customers can, and will, do the math to get the most out of the products or services you provide. And you should welcome this: they’re putting the food on your table—you should want them to want to keep doing so.