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New Data Supports Value Of Immigrants as Entrepreneurs

By James T. Berger May 23, 2018

The key finding is that first generation entrepreneurs create a total of 25% of new businesses as an average for the 50 states. The authors pointed out that number exceeds 40% of new businesses in some states.


Brits Give Insight Into Toys ‘R Us Failure

By James T. Berger April 26, 2018

Another retail consultant Steve Dresser is also quoted in the BBC article: “Even if they (Toys R Us) didn’t want to give over their stores to the kinds of hands-on experience that you get in Hamleys or a Lego store, they should have done more to keep customers happy, been less functional, more on-trend.


Tariffs Defy Traditional Marketing and Pricing Thinking

By James T. Berger March 26, 2018

Not only will the American economy be hurt, these actions by an American President with very limited knowledge about economics, will affect the economies of many nations.


Marketing Industry Survey Reports—Clients and Agencies May Not Be On the Same Page

By James T. Berger February 23, 2018

Clients growing and expanding their in-house agencies was among the “troubling trends” uncovered in the survey. Another problem area expressed by agency executives was “a decline in commitment from their clients to their partnership, and a lack of understanding of the value they offer as an agency partner.”

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Harvard Uncovers a 15th Century Business Success Manual

By James T. Berger January 28, 2018

The translated manual offers “early concepts of corporate social responsibility,” says Harvard Business School professor of management practice Dante Roscini. The manual also addresses “the issue of responsibility to the community and who you are as a person.”

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Future of Internet at Stake if FCC Abandons Net Neutrality

By James T. Berger December 22, 2017

By the time you read this article, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will have voted on a FCC proposal to revoke “net neutrality” and stop regulating Internet service providers (ISPs), like landline phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

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“Disruptive Innovation” Key to America’s Future

By James T. Berger November 16, 2017

The creation of the automobile was not a disruptive innovation but Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line was. The creation of the iPhone might be regarded as destructive innovation, but the advances in the technology are clearly sustaining innovation.

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Is Retailing Becoming an Oligopoly?

By James T. Berger October 18, 2017

Certain retail industries such as groceries, cars, cellphones and airlines to name a few have always been oligopolies, but more and more additional retail product categories are leaving the world of pure competition, and entering the world of oligopoly.

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Wake Up and Smell the Fumes, Mr. Trump: Renewable Energy is the New Growth Industry!

By James T. Berger September 14, 2017

Urban Green Energy (UGE), wrote: “The distributed renewable energy (DRE) industry has gone through significant changes in the last five years, as the industry grew from a cottage industry to one with worldwide revenues of $100 billion and rising.”

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The Apple iPhone Success Story: Planned Obsolescence, Disruptive Innovation or Something Else?

By James T. Berger August 24, 2017

Another argument against the planned obsolescence argument is that Apple is not so much trying to convert its existing users to the newer models, but that its innovation is superior to the competion and users of other products should switch to the iPhone.


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