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The Process for Pricing Innovation

By Tim J. Smith, PhD February 23, 2018

A good pricing decision is two-fold: One defines an aspirational list price and a commercial policy that deducts from this list price known discounts, which lead to the expected target prices by customer segment and perhaps channel.


Value on the Table vs. Capturable Value

By Tim J. Smith, PhD January 30, 2018

In this article I will review some of the issues engaged and practices suggested by different authors, and then offer the Half-Gains Double-Losses rule to define the capturable value from the economic value to customer and therefore drive a price recommendation for guiding the pricing decision.

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Five Pricing Best Practices for Organizations

By Kyle T. Westra December 10, 2016

Dedication to understanding its customers makes a company more knowledgeable about the competitive landscape and better equipped to anticipate changing conditions. The entire company feels less insular and more connected to its existential purpose: serving customer needs profitably.