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Pricing Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 25, 2019

Entrepreneurs are generally entering a business landscape with less information, less skills, less resources than an established business. In fact, one should wonder how any entrepreneur can succeed against large, entrenched corporations they’re forced to share the market with.


Ever Heard of Strategic Intelligence?

By James T. Berger September 29, 2018

Prof. Levine calls “strategic intelligence” the “secret sauce—the ability to anticipate competitors’ behavior and preempt it.”


New Data Supports Value Of Immigrants as Entrepreneurs

By James T. Berger May 23, 2018

The key finding is that first generation entrepreneurs create a total of 25% of new businesses as an average for the 50 states. The authors pointed out that number exceeds 40% of new businesses in some states.


Bootstrapped Entrepreneur: Learning from Errors at Every Stage

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 26, 2018

My entrepreneurial endeavor is beginning to pay fruits, albeit 15 years after its founding. The path hasn’t been easy nor financially secure and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone. But then again, successful entrepreneurs don’t always choose to be entrepreneurs.