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How should you price consumer space flights

Strategic Movements July 2021

By Tim J. Smith, PhD July 20, 2021

Strategic pricing movements in July 2021: Procter & Gamble and General Mills announced plans to reduce discounts and selectively increase prices to offset costs, while consumer space flight providers determine pricing strategies.

COVID-19 drives demand for boats according to MasterCraft Boat Holding Inc. earnings reports.

Strategic Movements: December 2020

By Tim J. Smith, PhD December 18, 2020

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash Boeing 737 Max Price? What is the price of a new Boeing 737? It lists near…


Strategic Movements: June 2020

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 17, 2020

Meat Packers and US Antitrust The Justice Department has issued civil subpoenas to JBS, Tyson, Cargill, and National Beef Packing regarding beef…


Strategic Movements: March 2020

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 18, 2020

High Growth Billion Dollar Industry: Plant-Based Meat The plant-based meat market has grown to just under a billion dollars in sales for…


Strategic Movements: October 2019

By Tim J. Smith, PhD October 16, 2019

Market Share? Meh. Customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity? YES, Please! Managers care a lot about market share, but should they? Meta-research by…