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Additional Fees: Customer Irritating but Profit Generating

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 15, 2022

Additional Fees, aka: Junk Fees, Hidden Fees, and Sneaky Fees.  What should a marketer or pricing professional think of them? Additional Fees are Common Additional fees are a common part of many businesses.  True, many businesses avoid them at all costs but as a consumer I find them nearly unavoidable. The financial service industry has created an entire library of fees.  Consider: Banks charge fees related to overdrafts, non-network ATM, minimum account…

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Strategic Movements March 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 11, 2022

                 Luxury Price Increase Chanel SA Classic Flap bag went through multiple price increases recently…

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Value Creation v. Value Capture

By Tim J. Smith, PhD February 11, 2022

Three of the four Ps of marketing focus on creating value for customers.  Product management, which includes offering design, services, and help…

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Pricing Leaders Need Their Hearts as Much as Their Heads

By Nathan L. Phipps February 11, 2022

As I progress through my pricing career, it becomes more and more obvious to me that pricing professionals need to use and…

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By Yuhung S. Shen February 11, 2022

眾所週知,中國是世界的工廠,許許多多的產品大家可以看到的都是Made in China,(近80%的產品都是Made in China)除了中國以外,台灣,印度,等等的國家也遍佈了大大小小的製造業,供應著全世界的貨品,台灣更有機械製造,以及半導體產業等世界電子產品,以及消費性產品所需要的供應鏈,成為不可或缺的一環,那麼在這樣的環境下,公司該如何面對成本的節節上升,價格上又可以如何調整應對呢?

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