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Distinguishing Pricing Decisions from Currency Fluctuations

By Tim J. Smith, PhD November 30, 2021

The impact of pricing decisions on corporate performance is hard to detect.  More so when a company is operating globally, and currency exchange rates fluctuate.  Enter the Price-Volume-Cost-Mix-Currency Analysis. Price capture at the global level can rise or fall with currency fluctuations at the local level. And currency exchange rates can go up or down and fluctuate wildly or predictably.  For instance, between November 27, 2020, and November 26, 2021, the Turkish…

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Moving Forward
Prognostication about the digital future

By Tim J. Smith, PhD January 10, 2002

Since we have entered the time for prognostication, I offer these visions of the digital future. We all know the e-tech bubble…

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Power Risks California Power Problems Caused by Dumb Regulation, Not Deregulation

By Tim J. Smith, PhD February 5, 2001

Recent news concerning power outages have been of dour amusement for this Chicagoan. Once again, a subset of people (read: the state)…

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The Next Disruptive Technology – Distributed Generation

By Tim J. Smith, PhD September 25, 2000

Is Enron coming for lunch? Introduction The past three decades have offered ample evidence of the ability of disruptive technologies to create…

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Industrial Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 30, 2000

Economic transactions and industrial reorganizations are akin to the evolution of a complex system punctuated with periods of equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics.…

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