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The New Invisible Hand: Five Revolutions in the Digital Economy

What I (Re)Learned from Writing a Book

By Kyle T. Westra September 13, 2019

My book, The New Invisible Hand: Five Revolutions in the Digital Economy, has been out for six weeks, and I’ve been floored…

Pricing transformations graph

Pricing Transformations Are Political Culture Changes. Manage with Care

By Tim J. Smith, PhD August 16, 2019

A major driver behind undertaking a pricing transformation effort is the acknowledgement that price negotiations both take too long and also lead…

Pricing analytics: scatterplot demonstrating a simple linear regression exercise

Machine Learning for the Masses: Regression Analysis

By Nathan L. Phipps June 17, 2019

Machine learning has become a very popular topic in recent years. However, I fear that most people hear “machine learning” and assume…


Market vs. Executives: I know an old company that let the market the price decide…

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 25, 2019

I know an old company that let market the price decide.
The market decision wiggled and ziggled but decided it did.
I don’t know why the company let the market decide.
I propose it will die.


Major Commercial Policy Design Issues

By Tim J. Smith, PhD October 30, 2018

In this missive, I examine how companies selling to end customers through distributors and retailers can design their commercial policy.


Pricing in the Age of Machine Learning – Hype v. Reality

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 28, 2018

At some point, we must separate hype from reality. Concurrently, we can also reduce confusion created by terms like “data scientist,” “wisdom of crowds,” and “machine learning” with clarity and plain language.


When and How to Automate

By Kyle T. Westra May 23, 2018

Software is good at automating repeatable processes, but that doesn’t make them the right processes. Doing the wrong thing efficiently isn’t the same as doing the right thing. There’s a reason that Peter Drucker wrote about the effective, not the efficient, executive.