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Pricing professionals must be adaptable and be prepared to adjust pricing in response to changing market conditions

When Pricing, Adaptability is Useful

By Nathan L. Phipps April 16, 2021

Life is transient. So, adaptability certainly helps. Earlier this week, I found myself reflecting on a recent project. A client was about…

Don’t Let Perfect Pricing Be the Enemy of Good Pricing

Don’t Let Perfect Pricing Be the Enemy of Good Pricing

By Nathan L. Phipps November 20, 2020

I was recently reflecting on the aphorism “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” and I began to wonder how that…


Strategic Movements: March 2020

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 18, 2020

High Growth Billion Dollar Industry: Plant-Based Meat The plant-based meat market has grown to just under a billion dollars in sales for…


Strategic Movements: December 2019

By Tim J. Smith, PhD December 11, 2019

Elon Musk Delivers Pleasant Surprise Tesla Inc. had record deliveries in Q3 2019 resulting in overall profits. Anticipated 2019 production is currently…


Strategic Movements: June 2019

By Tim J. Smith, PhD June 17, 2019

Honey Demand Up, Supply Constant.  Prices? Demand for honey has increased as people perceive it as a healthy alternative to sucrose and…


Developing Products and Pricing Strategy In Tandem

By Nathan L. Phipps May 24, 2019

The keynotes and breakouts were top-notch, covering everything from practical application of the Pareto principle to pricing, to harnessing the power of behavioral pricing. However, one of the breakouts that really captured my attention was by Jennifer Swain, the Head of Technology Practice at Fuld+Company.


Bootstrapped Entrepreneur: Learning from Errors at Every Stage

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 26, 2018

My entrepreneurial endeavor is beginning to pay fruits, albeit 15 years after its founding. The path hasn’t been easy nor financially secure and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone. But then again, successful entrepreneurs don’t always choose to be entrepreneurs.