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Does Dynamic Pricing Hurt Customers?

By Kyle T. Westra March 18, 2020

If you’ve ever used a ride hailing app, chances are that at some point you’ve experienced a higher than expected fee. Surge…

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Price Gouging in the News

By Nathan L. Phipps March 18, 2020

As our nation responds to the coronavirus situation, stories have spread about the behaviors of some profit-seekers. The New York Times reported…

What are “Ironclad” Brands and How to Maintain Them

Polarization of Politics Having an Effect on Brand Management

By James T. Berger August 23, 2018

Trump has an ultra-loyal 35-40% of the electorate who will follow him anywhere. On the other hand, the anti-Trumpers have an equal or greater percentage of the population that feels exactly the opposite.

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Price Transparency VS Pricing Transparency

By Kyle T. Westra October 5, 2016

For Amazon Web Services (AWS), on the other hand, while your final price depends on your usage, the pricing is transparent down to the hour. While you may not know the amount due ahead of time, you know exactly how they will arrive at that number.

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Does Surge Pricing Have an Image Problem?

By Kyle T. Westra January 3, 2016

Clear communication about surge pricing is good customer service but without conveying its benefits, Uber is increasing the price sensitivity of its riders. This is a well-known effect of overemphasizing price in marketing communications. But price is only one reason that customers choose Uber. Why not focus on the benefits of surge pricing?