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Strategic Movements November 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD November 14, 2022

ADM Pricing Spine-ometer:  4 of 5 Vertebrae ADM, a global food processing and commodities trading corporation, had a banner Q3 in 2022 according to financial reports released on 25 October 2022.  Revenue increased to $24.7 B for Q3 2022 from $20.3 B for the same period last year.  Profits (EBIT) increased likewise to $1,230 M for Q3 2022 from $650 M for the same period last year. Management discussions state that revenues…

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By Yuhung S. Shen May 26, 2022


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Strategic Movements May 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 26, 2022

Tying Arrangement at Peloton Peloton will raise its price from $39 to $44 per month for subscriptions to metrics, live-streaming and on-demand…

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Additional Fees: Customer Irritating but Profit Generating

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 15, 2022

Additional Fees, aka: Junk Fees, Hidden Fees, and Sneaky Fees.  What should a marketer or pricing professional think of them? Additional Fees…

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By Yuhung S. Shen April 15, 2022

在中國與台灣,我們會經常聽到Cost Down這個英文片語,代表的是,降低成本,背後的含義是要賺更多錢,也就是提高獲利;另一方面大家很害怕的是,漲價,因為我們認為漲價會嚇跑客戶,破壞與客戶的關係,似乎沒有好處。

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