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Autodesk Pricing Spineometer: 4 of 5 Vertebrae

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 24, 2024

Autodesk, a global software firm serving arts, manufacturing, engineering, and many other industries, had a positive FY 2024. Revenue rose 10% to $5.5 billion and earnings before interest and taxes rose 14% to $1.1 billion over the same period last year. A review of Autodesk’s February 29th earnings call and associated financial reports provided insight regarding the importance of pricing on performance. Andrew Anagnost, CEO of Autodesk, shared multiple high-growth opportunities.  AI,…

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Industrial Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 30, 2000

Economic transactions and industrial reorganizations are akin to the evolution of a complex system punctuated with periods of equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics.…

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