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The Decline and Fall of Sears

By James T. Berger October 30, 2018

Sears was once the greatest retail employer in the nation. It was both the Walmart and Amazon of its day. But, the end of the 20th century brought the beginning of the retail icon’s end.


Strategic Movements: October 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD October 30, 2018

Procter & Gamble announced price increases for Pampers and Bounty in July 2018. Kimberly-Clark similarly announced price increases for Huggies and Viva in August 2018.  Both cite inflationary cost pressures specifically pulp. Monitoring competitive price moves is good business intelligence. Watch out for inflation 2018


Strategic Movements: May 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD May 23, 2018

Walmart took a 75% stake in Flipkart for about $15 billion. Flipkart was recently valued at $11.6 billion in April 2017.  Nice premium.  Big value of Flipkart: they know how to compete online. wasn’t good enough for Walmart.  Now it is going abroad.  Good thinking. We are all on this planet together.

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Will Nordstrom Survive the Amazon/Walmart Duopoly Onslaught?

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 26, 2018

As Amazon and Wal-Mart continue to dominate e-commerce, Nordstrom has been faced with a unique challenge of growing its own e-commerce presence, and continuing to promote its differentiators against this duopoly.

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Dollar General Looks Good Today. Will Tomorrow Be Different?

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 26, 2018

From a business strategy standpoint, Dollar General has positioned themselves to avoid direct competition with Amazon and Walmart, having successfully demonstrated a way to deal with the duopoly’s increasing presence in the retail market.


Strategic Movements: March 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 26, 2018

In his book Pricing: The Third Business Skill, EJ Bouter made the case for pricing to become its own department, right next to finance, marketing, sales, and operations in chapters 14-16.


Strategic Movements: January 2018

By Tim J. Smith, PhD January 28, 2018

The future may not become a dystopian duopoly of just Amazon and Walmart. There will be competition, but which and who? In dirt one can find gems.


Strategic Movements: December 2017

By Tim J. Smith, PhD December 22, 2017

The Federal Aviation Administration is contemplating an $8 increase on domestic round-trip ticketing fees.  In response, Delta Air Lines Inc. claims that for every $1 increase in facility charges, passenger demand declines by more than 1%. That would imply a primary demand elasticity of about three. Seems right. So, an $8 facilities charge increase would decrease flight travel by 8%.


Strategic Movements: November 2017

By Tim J. Smith, PhD November 16, 2017

Apple and Qualcomm are in a feud. Issue: Qualcomm makes and holds patents over much of the modem chips that handle communications between wireless devices and cellular networks. Actions: Apple sued Qualcomm over market dominance, and Qualcomm responded by withholding software required to configure their next-gen chips.

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Is Retailing Becoming an Oligopoly?

By James T. Berger October 18, 2017

Certain retail industries such as groceries, cars, cellphones and airlines to name a few have always been oligopolies, but more and more additional retail product categories are leaving the world of pure competition, and entering the world of oligopoly.