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Strategic Movements November 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD November 14, 2022

ADM Pricing Spine-ometer:  4 of 5 Vertebrae ADM, a global food processing and commodities trading corporation, had a banner Q3 in 2022 according to financial reports released on 25 October 2022.  Revenue increased to $24.7 B for Q3 2022 from $20.3 B for the same period last year.  Profits (EBIT) increased likewise to $1,230 M for Q3 2022 from $650 M for the same period last year. Management discussions state that revenues…

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Strategic Movements April 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD April 15, 2022

  Visa & Mastercard Fee Change Visa and Mastercard are rolling out a new fee schedule that has been two years in…

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In Uncertain Times, Lean Into the Power of Pricing

By Nathan L. Phipps March 11, 2022

Things seem pretty uncertain right now. I mean, things have been uncertain during these last 2 years of our global pandemic, and…

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定價策略? 亞洲中小企業如何看待對他們而言也許陌生的管理諮詢行業?管理顧問們又能實際協助企業什麼?

By Yuhung S. Shen March 11, 2022


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Strategic Movements March 2022

By Tim J. Smith, PhD March 11, 2022

                 Luxury Price Increase Chanel SA Classic Flap bag went through multiple price increases recently…

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